AI from the Eye of the Beholder: An Evaluation Perspective for the Diverse Business Landscape

As a strategic consultant, my role often involves guiding businesses through uncertain terrain, helping them navigate, interpret and embrace emerging trends and technologies. Like many others, I am seeing a huge demand for advice related to AI.  AI is not only disrupting traditional ways of doing business, but it also has been a catalyst for innovation, efficiency, and growth. Yet, not every business perceives or leverages AI in the same way. For tech companies producing products and software, the lens through which they view AI varies markedly from, say, a brick-and-mortar retailer, a logistics company, or even a law firm.

The Tech Perspective: Integrating AI into Product Development

For technology companies, the role of AI extends beyond a strategic tool. AI forms the core around which products are built, software is developed, and services are delivered. As AI continues to advance, tech companies need to constantly assess and integrate these advances into their offerings. From AI-driven algorithms that recommend your next Netflix show, to the AI voice assistants that power our homes, the incorporation of AI forms a fundamental part of tech companies’ product development strategy.

Integration of AI should not be viewed as a one-off project, but a continuous cycle of adaptation and refinement. As AI models become more sophisticated, the features they offer evolve. Tech companies need to stay ahead, exploiting these improvements to add value to their products, enhance customer experience, and importantly, differentiate their offerings in a highly competitive market.

The Non-Tech Perspective: Redefining Strategy and Operations

For businesses outside the tech sector, the AI lens captures a different scene. While these businesses may not be building AI into their own products or services, they must critically evaluate how AI impacts their strategies, offerings, and operating models.

AI advances are spawning new technology products with built-in capabilities that can enable businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. These AI-embedded products, from customer relationship management systems to supply chain management software, have the potential to revolutionize traditional ways of operating.

As a result, businesses need to rethink their strategies in light of these emerging capabilities. They must consider how they can leverage AI-enabled products to enhance their value proposition, deliver superior customer experiences, or streamline their operations. Whether it’s automating customer service through chatbots, predicting market trends with machine learning, or optimizing logistics through predictive analytics, the opportunities are wide-ranging and transformative.

In addition, these businesses should monitor potential threats posed by AI. Could a competitor harness AI in a way that disrupts your business model? Are there regulatory implications related to AI that might impact your operations? Being aware of and planning for these possibilities is crucial.

A Common Thread: AI Literacy

Regardless of the nature of the business, a common element that emerges is the need for AI literacy. In other words, an understanding of what AI is, what it can do, and what its limitations are. This extends from the C-suite to the shop floor. It doesn’t necessarily mean everyone needs to be an AI expert, but rather have a level of understanding that enables informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Summing it all up – it is clear that the advent of AI is reshaping the business landscape in a myriad of ways. However, the perspective from which businesses view AI varies greatly, depending on their nature, their strategic objectives, and their operational models. Whether you’re a tech company integrating AI into your product development or a non-tech firm evaluating AI’s impact on your strategy and operations, a clear-eyed view of AI, tailored to your unique context, is critical for success in this AI-driven world.  At Revenue Growth Associates, we can help you look at AI through multiple lenses.  Need advice or help, give us a call.

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