Revenue Growth Associates Professional Offerings

Speaking Engagements: Inspiring Creativity and Embracing the Unpredictable

Need someone to talk to your organization or group about navigating the new and unknown? Someone who can inspire creativity, evangelize the benefits of operating in the unpredictable, shake up status-quo mindsets, and provide guide-level insight and experience into ways to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing world? Connect with Steve. His experience as both a professional business and technology guide combined with his work as a commercial outdoor adventure guide allows him to bring a unique perspective to operating in the ‘new,’ ‘unpredictable,’ and ‘unknown.’

  • Topics:
    • Engaging storytelling to illustrate the benefits of embracing uncertainty and challenging conventional mindsets
    • Real-life examples and case studies on innovation, adaptability, and resilience
    • Audience interaction through Q&A, live polling, or small group discussions
    • Practical tips and takeaways for fostering a growth mindset and navigating the unknown
    • Wrap-up and call-to-action for audience members to apply insights